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Activate Webroot – Webroot.com/safe

Webroot.com/safe is one of the best antivirus program that protects user computer and personal information  from malware and threats. It is an American (United States) cyber security firm that provides maximum security for your personal information and banking records.

Webroot.com/safe is the cheapest antivirus app online. It comes with various languages as per the operating system. So get started with the high level of cyber protection on your computer today.


How to Create a Webroot account?

If you are a new user for webroot than you need to register or create new account. Here is the following steps that help you to create a webroot account :- 

  • To create webroot account, you have to open url www.webroot.com/safe on your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Tap on My Account and than you will get two option for Log In and create Account.
  • If you are a new user for webroot than click on create account.
  • Fill-up all the required detail like email address , password, Webroot Product Key code, and other details.
  • After that, click on register now button to complete the process of account creation.

What is webroot Keycode?

Keycode is a protected code to enable your webroot account. It also consists of 20 digits of a format such as "2SD3-56SA-VVVVV-A5TT-XXX5," this designation only for paid subscriptions or subscribers. For safety reasons, you can even copy or paste it so that there can be no Miss happenings.

Where do I find webroot keycode?

  1. Next, you need to register and buy the keycode online in the webroot. After you order it, you will be sent a keycode to your registered email address or some other medium.
  2. For a webroot.com/safe key code, Enter your email address and last name to get your keycode in your email address.
  3. If you don't want to order it online, head to the retail store to purchase a webroot subscription. 

As seen above, when you build an account, you can see a box to access the webroot keycode. The keycode you got from your email address or from a discount store.

How to complete webroot activation online?

  • First of all, download and activate the webroot antivirus anywhere you want, PC or Smartphone.
  • Visit URL: www.webroot.com/safe
  • Log in to your account by the email and webroot keycode.
  • Than you will get confirmation email onto your email account
  • To confirm the activation, click on the link that is given in the email and confirm.
  • Here your webroot product is now activated.

How to download webroot with keycode?

In order to download webroot with keycode users need to follow the steps listed below :-

  1. Open Web Browser
  2. Visit URL: webroot.com/safe
  3. Go to My Account
  4. Choose your product 
  5. Click on download now

How to install webroot with keycode?

In order to Install webroot with keycode users need to follow the steps listed below :-

  • Run Setup file downloaded on your device
  • Allow the user agreement by click on YES
  • Enter Email Register with webroot Account
  • Click on continue to process
  • Enter Webroot key code and click on continue
  • Once the process will complete you will get message that you are all setup.

Does Webroot remove all viruses?

Yes, It removes all the viruses, including malware, from your computer. The user just has to open the software application and start the scan. webroot.com/safe will automatically remove all viruses and malware from your computer.